Motto: Ra’asul Hikma Makhafatullah
The Fear of Allah is the Beginning of Wisdom



(VOW): In the maiden edition of voice of wisdom (VOW), you categorically stated the mission and vision of the school. Can you please expatiate on how you have been able to actualize this dream? 
CEO: The establishment goes with continuity of Allah’s command after establishing his fear into his noble prophet Muhammad (SAW) when He Allah (SAW) asks him read “Iqra”. This was the first command given to him which means to seek for knowledge and impact knowledge. In the context of this, Al-Hikma is established to fear Allah and seek for the right knowledge that will benefit us here and hereafter with positive effect on our generation born and yet unborn. In-sha Allah, this noble academy is committed to train future leaders, expose them globally not only to the Islamic way of life but to be informed with an in depth  fact on Islam, science, art and vocational studies.   
Alhamdulillah, so far so good Allah has been merciful to us, our mission is to get to the greatest height of educational standard, moral uprightness and above all the fear of Allah. When we had the vision of establishing this great noble academy, it was like a dream come true and In-Sha Allah  today the result is not different from success as the best hands always on deck to actualize the dream. Facilities, infrastructure and all forms of aids, staff, are not lacking in any way. The students are special in this actualization. Due to their co-operation and useful complain and positive interaction that we usually engage in has helped us to remain focus
(VOW): Sir, we hear of scholarship scheme initiative for all outstanding pupils and students, can you please shed more light on this scheme?
CEO: In an attempt to create a high level grand for academic performance, the idea of scholarship was introduced. The programme is meant to stand out the very good ones and to challenge both the average and low learners that can do something to be recognized, and in turn reduce the financial load of the parent directly or indirectly. This scholarship scheme took effect in the ongoing academic session 2012/2013 and over 40 students have benefited from this scheme. I must admit that the scheme despite its cost, it has added value to the school curriculum and educational development. The competition among students has risen to a level beyond imagination. You now find students competing favourably and dragging to close range average or point. I will not be deterred because it has really added a feather to what we crave for (SUCCESS AT THE APEX).
(VOW): With the moral decadence and falling standard of education in Nigeria, how do you intend to uphold moral rectitude amidst the learners and other stakeholders of this institution?
CEO: It is fact that there is fall in the standard education and it inwardly eating deep into the system and may cripple the entire nation if urgent attention is not paid to education in general. Education stands to be everything; take or leave it! The Almighty Allah, the owner of the heaven and earth all that it contains is a ‘teacher’. He taught by the pen, He records our affairs in the book, He gave us book to read, assimilate, digest and impact anywhere these can be done effectively in a school or centre for learning, its an idle brain that is regarded as the devil workshop. No Muslims will want to be associated with that, In-sha Allah. For this simple reason, we have in our own little way uphold this promise, to make our children future leaders morally and academically sound in manner devoid of any  negative of non-Islamic value and injunction. It is based on this that staffs are selected without sentiment or prejudice.
(VOW) How do you intend to upgrade the boarding section of the school?
CEO: All thanks to Allah, the Alpha and Omega, the planner, Chief Executor, who has today fulfilled the intention of we Muslims. In fact, the issue of boarding is like a transformation where every one of us learn every day. We are Muslims from different home background binding in one faith; Islam. It is not structure that matter even when is obvious that the structure comply with all modern facilities and 100% habitable. The major thing is to make the children with a mindset devoid of evil act, immoral attitude, a perfect sound moral, academic, social economics and in accommodative serene environment.    

      Students on Assembly Ground
    Students Excursion to Daily Trust Newspaper
The pre-operative Nurse explaining some procedures in the theatre to Al-Hikma students

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